As a professional wedding planner in Miami, I know how important it is to make your wedding day memorable, and one way to do that is through a unique seating plan! It adds to the overall ambiance of your wedding and makes your guests feel special and included!

At A Very Lovely Wedding, I specialize in creating seating plans that are functional and beautiful. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with to make your seating plan unique and unforgettable!

  • Escort Cards

Instead of a traditional seating chart, why not have escort cards? Escort cards are small cards with your guests’ names and table numbers.

They can be displayed in various ways, such as hanging from a tree or attached to a champagne glass!

  • Themed Tables

Why not extend that theme to your seating plan if you’re having a themed wedding? For example, name your tables after different types of seashells or sea creatures for a beach wedding.

This adds to the ambiance of your wedding and makes it easier for your guests to find their tables.

  • Family Tree

Consider creating a family tree seating plan to make your wedding a family affair. Start with the bride and groom at the top, then add their parents, grandparents, and siblings. Finally, include aunts, uncles, cousins, and close family friends.

  • Picture Perfect

Display pictures of each of your guests at their assigned table. This helps them find their seats and adds a personal touch to your wedding.

  • A Map

For a destination wedding, create a seating plan that looks like a map. Like the themed tables, this also complements the unique look of your big day and is a fun way for guests to locate their seats!

Do you need help implementing these seating ideas and planning other parts of your Miami wedding? I would love to talk to you!

A Very Lovely Wedding is a famed wedding planner for modest couples. I always make wedding planning stress-free and fun for you. But when I plan weddings, understand I’m doing more than just managing your big day; I’m telling a beautiful love story of two beautiful people!

I always focus on you and the strong bonds holding you to your better half. While I specialize in a “less is more” planning approach, the most important thing is for your wedding ideas to be at the fore.

So, if you want something unique, tell me your ideas, and I’ll add my own twist to them and help give you a Miami wedding you’ll never forget!

Did you start planning your wedding a year ago, or will it be a last-minute ceremony? Call me, and I’ll give you all the guidance and support you need to realize your dream wedding.

Over 20 years of wedding planning expertise, happy couples, and gorgeous Miami weddings make me the best wedding expert to plan your big day!

So, contact me if you’re looking for a professional wedding planner in Miami to help you create a unique seating plan that reflects your personality and style. Let A Very Lovely Wedding make your wedding day unforgettable!