Choosing a wedding theme is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning, but it can also be overwhelming with all the possibilities available. But that’s why I’m here to help!

I’ll discuss some things to consider when deciding on a theme for your Miami wedding. I guarantee you’ll agree this is the best course to take when planning a Miami wedding!

  • Firstly, Consider Your Venue

Miami has many venues available, from beachfront properties to city landmarks. Ensure that your theme complements your venue.

A theme that works well for a beach wedding may not be best for a ballroom wedding. Consider the colors and atmosphere of the venue to ensure that the theme complements it.

  • Secondly, Think About Your Style as A Couple

As a professional wedding planner in Miami, I love working with couples who love enhancing and elevating their environment. This approach also endears itself to me more than doing ‘extra’ and over-the-top!

So if I plan your wedding, I’ll go for lush organic minimalism, modern romantic minimalism, and urban industrial minimalism. These themes are simple, elegant, and perfect for couples who want a chic wedding!

  • Thirdly, Consider Your Budget

The wedding theme you choose will have a significant impact on your budget. Some themes may require more décor or additional rentals, which can add up quickly.

I make wedding planning stress-free for couples by creating a customized budget that suits their vision and needs. And I bring fun to the engagement period while writing and telling a couple’s love story.

I’ll help you bring your dream wedding to life by using beautiful décor and the endless opportunities nature provides us to customize your big day. And everything will be done on the budget you have!

  • Fourthly, Consider the Time Of the Year

Miami has a tropical climate, so outdoor weddings are popular all year round. However, some themes may work better in certain seasons.

For example, a rustic theme may be perfect for a fall wedding, while a beach theme may be better suited for a summer wedding. Think about the time of year and how it will affect your theme and wedding day.

  • Lastly, Consider Your Guests’ Experience

While your wedding day is ultimately about you and your partner, it is important to consider your guests’ experience.

Ensure your theme is comfortable for your guests and they can enjoy themselves without feeling out of place.

A professional wedding planner in Miami can help you create a wedding that is both memorable and enjoyable for everyone!

You don’t have to look too far to book Miami’s best wedding planner for the modest couple because I’m right here! I run A Very Lovely Wedding, a professional wedding planner for couples who don’t want an average, cookie-cutter wedding.

I believe each couple is unique, and every wedding celebration should be unique too. Décor is the best medium to achieve this. So, I’ll ensure every table runner, drape, curtain, tablecloth, cutlery, lighting, and every other aspect of your wedding décor reflects this!

I cover from Key Largo, FL, to Tampa, FL, and I look forward to helping you realize your big day. Contact me today to create the wedding of your dreams!