Wedding planning is complex and time-consuming, so why not book a professional Miami wedding planner to take the burden off you?

Weddings can also be deeply cultural special events that add color to the big day. And if you’re going down this route, your chosen wedding planner must specialize in cultural weddings and understand the importance of incorporating culture into your special day.

Your Miami wedding planner can help you navigate the complexities of wedding planning and add unique, meaningful touches to your wedding that will make it truly special.

So, here are five ways a certified Miami wedding planner can help you include culture in your Miami wedding!

  • Incorporate Traditional Music or Dance into The Ceremony

Music is an important part of any wedding celebration, so add traditional pieces from both parties’ cultures. It can be done through live performances or recordings during the ceremony or reception.

  • Choose Décor Items That Represent Your Cultural Backgrounds

Miami wedding planners know all the best local vendors to provide décor items specific to your culture. This could include flowers, linens, table centerpieces, and more!

  • Serve Traditional Food from Both Sides of The Family

Certified Miami wedding planners can also help you create a menu incorporating traditional dishes from both your families. We guarantee it will please your guests!

  • Select Attire with Cultural Elements

Your wedding planner will link you with bridal boutiques and clothing options incorporating elements from both families’ cultures!

From custom-made bridal gowns to festive flower crowns, there are many ways to ensure everyone looks their best on the big day!

  • Include A Ceremony or Ritual

Miami wedding planners can work with you to determine which ceremony or ritual from either culture would be most meaningful for your big day. This can include a unity candle, sand ceremony, or exchange of rings!

Are you excited yet? We are! It’s the season of love and literally the perfect time to celebrate your special day. So, let A Very Lovely Wedding, Miami’s favorite wedding planner for the modest couple, help you plan a sweet and beautiful wedding!

I just listed five ways I can help incorporate culture into your Miami wedding. But there are endless other ideas we can explore until we find the perfect ones to write and tell your love story!

Your wedding is where you begin a new journey with the person who completes you. Think of it as a blank canvas where you can paint a new picture of how you want to live the rest of your lives. And I’ll help you paint it!

A Very Lovely Wedding will adorn your big day with lovely décor elements borrowed from nature and years’ worth of knowledge and experience in planning beautiful weddings!

With the help of an experienced professional like me, you’ll have all the tools necessary to create a unique and unforgettable celebration that reflects both sides of the family! Contact me today!