One of the best things about getting married in Miami is that you can take advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery. The colors of the leaves in the trees and flowers can add a lot of beauty to your wedding décor and make your photos pop! But which colors do you use?

Reds, browns, and greens are great colors for a Miami wedding. For example, use them if you’re having a summer wedding to bring out the natural beauty of the outdoors. And if it’s a fall wedding, these colors will remind your guests of the leaves falling from trees, adding to the feel of the event.

These three colors can also blend well with any color scheme you have in mind. So, use them in your bouquet, centerpieces, napkins, or even wedding dress – they’ll help bring out the true colors of your wedding dress and make it stand out in the pictures!

Below are more ways to use each color to define your big day. So, if you’re looking for a color palette that is both unique and beautiful, I recommend this!

  • Reds

Use red as one of your primary colors for a passionate wedding. It’s the color to define a wedding full of love and emotion. Of course, red can also add a touch of drama to your wedding day!

  • Browns

Browns are great for a rustic or country-themed wedding. Couples who opt for this color want a down-to-earth feel; it adds elegance to your wedding day too!

  • Green

And then we have green, which is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Use this color, and your wedding will be full of life and energy. Green is also reminiscent of nature, so use that to your advantage!

But be aware that you’re not limited to just using one or two of these colors. On the contrary, you’ll achieve the best effect when you use them together, albeit in moderation. And this is where the expertise of a certified wedding planner and designer comes into play.

A professional like A Very Lovely Wedding will help you make the most of these colors. But I’ll do so much more for you. Your wedding must look and feel beautiful; the ambiance of your day goes a long way in adding to the experience, so colors are of prime importance.

Let me handle everything for you. Whether you’re ready to start planning your wedding immediately or it’s something you aim to begin a year from now, I’ll be there to walk with you every step of the way. I’ll ensure you face no hurdles and enjoy a smooth wedding planning experience!

My services are for the modern bride who’s too busy to plan such an important day in her life. My services were designed for the excited bride unsure where to start making her plans. My services are for you, the Miami bride, who wants her wedding to be a day she’ll remember for the rest of her happy life!

A Very Lovely Wedding will use reds, browns, and greens, three elegant and classic colors, to add flair to your wedding. If you are looking for a color palette that is both unique and beautiful, I highly recommend this.

I’ll use these colors for your big day and make it a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience. Contact me here now!